Contract Labor

Manufacturing Operations Performed:

  • Multi or single stations mechanical/electrical assembly
  • Custom mailing services
  • Assembly of marketing samples
  • Multi-component packaging
  • Inspection/repackaging of outsourced components
  • Contract sewing
  • Recycling of defective or manufacturer’s surplus products
  • Assembly of cardboard packaging materials

Contact Information
For further information on how we can meet your manufacturing needs, contact:
Carolyn Dankowski
Manufacturing Director
(276) 223-1267

Success in Partnerships
A broad technological experience along with an excellent record for good quality and reliability in schedule compliance has meant success in partnerships with small and Fortune 500 customers.

Benefits to You!

  1. Expand manufacturing capacity without bringing in additional workers, facility space, or equipment.
  2. Sub-contract production operations that are not suitable for your manufacturing processes.
  3. Maintain an economical advantage in the manufacturing of products in a cost-conscious market.
  4. Accommodate increases in quantity requirements due to seasonal variations or business fluctuations.
  5. Free up premium wage workers for mainstream operations by out-sourcing routine requirements.

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